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G. E. Vogt.
Collage and Mixed-Media Artist.

Artist Statement

I am deeply fascinated by relationships: our connections to other people, to our environments, and even that which we have with ourselves. The work that I create doesn’t seek to define these relationships but rather, to explore the foundations they are built upon which cause them to manifest in particular ways.


The most interesting aspects for me are the contradictions or divisions at the root of the relationship influencing how the two parts interact. The divisions can be created by external factors such as socioeconomic class, gender, physical place in the world or by internal factors such as an individual’s particular outlook, inner struggles or standard thought patterns. Each division, although rooted in simplicity, grows into a multi-faceted connection which further develops into am intricately, complex story. For example, the story of rich versus poor is more than a simple difference of income because of how deeply rooted this story is in our history, our different cultures and even our philosophies of the present time. The stories that arise out of the divisions at the heart of a particular relationship’s foundation are what I explore through collage art.

  Collage became my primary medium because of its ability to incorporate any medium, material, or found object into the telling of a story. Bringing together elements that are seemingly so disparate at first but using that contradiction between them to tell an inherently contradictory narrative is one of the most exciting aspects of this style of work.


Although I have begun experimenting with incorporating a wider range of materials from oil paint to baking soda, my primary material has always been magazine. Whether it is based in photojournalism or in selling a lifestyle, I don’t believe there’s any better expression of current and past societal culture than can be seen through magazine articles, ads and pictures. My other joy in creating collage is experimenting with usual objects or shapes and how those may be used to tell a story – the isolation of people trapped in a snow globe, the birds that would live in a tree of money, what layers would a modern day pyramid be composed of. Most often, the shape informs not only what elements I include in the work but also how they all come together. To have one piece jar against another but then flow into an other and create a story as a whole using not only the pieces but the connections between them and the shape they create is a constant fantastic challenge in my work.

Major Exhibitions

"A Wild And Violent Sea" with G. E. Vogt and Lukas Zalakis

Ideas Block LT Kompressione; Vilnius, Lithuania. 2023

"Piecing It Together: A Collage Exhibition with Jennifer Nelson and G. E. Vogt,"

Fresh Paint Gallery; San Diego, CA. 2019

Juried Exhibitions


  • “Contemporary Surrealism,” exhibiting "Daydreamin' Blues I" with Sedona Arts Center; Sedona, AZ.

  • “Excessive Measures,” exhibiting "Power" with Vestige Concept Gallery; Pittsburgh, PA.

  • “Beginning; New History and Artistic Growth,” exhibiting "Daydreamin' Blues IV" with Bluestream Gallery; San Francisco, CA.

  • Brand 51 Annual National Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper,”  exhibiting "The Most Dangerous World Of All" with Brand Library & Art Center; Glendale, CA.

  • "Reconciling Masculinity; Let The Better Man Win,” exhibiting "It's A Man's World" with Shift Gallery -Seattle, WA.

  •  “Anti-WAR 2023,” exhibiting "Untitled [Ukraine - 1] with Exhibizone - Online gallery

  • On The Streets - The Urban Experience," exhibiting "Business As Usual" with MVA Gallery - Bethlehem, PA.

  • "Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental Health" exhibiting "Emily Post's Grief" with Woman Made Gallery -Chicago IL..

  • "Objects of Agency," exhibiting "For Her Own Good" and "Ready To Be Plucked" with Hera Gallery - South Kingstown, RI.


  • "Save Our Planet," exhibiting "Going, going, gone..." with Red Bluff Art Gallery - Rancho Tehama Reserve, CA.

  • "Small Worlds: Juried Exhibition of Small Works," exhibiting "Inside Looking In VI" with Crooked Tree Arts Center - Traverse City, MI.

  • "Athenaeum’s 30th Annual Juried Exhibition,” exhibiting "The Most Dangerous World Of All" with Athenaeum Music & Arts Library - La Jolla, CA.

  • “Long Story Short,” exhibiting "Non-Essential" with Webster Arts - St Louis, MO.

  • "Self-Expression: The Artist’s Truth,” exhibiting "Daydreamin' Blues II and IV" with MVA Gallery - Bethlehem, PA.

  • "Choices: A Reproductive Rights Exhibition,” exhibiting "For Her Own Good" and "You'll Be A Wonderful Mother Someday" with Avenue 50 Studio - Los Angeles, CA.

  • "EXTINCTION: Save the Planet,” with Gallerium - Online Gallery

  • "Rustbelt: REDUX," exhibiting "Inner City" with Vestige Concept Gallery - Pittsburgh, PA.

  • "FEMINIST INSIGHT: Telling Her Story,” exhibiting "Defiance" and "You'll Be A Wonderful Mother Someday" with Ellington-White Contemporary Gallery - Fayetteville, NC.

  • “Like Clockwork,”  exhibiting "Business As Usual with Vestige Concept Gallery - Pittsburgh, PA.


  • “Your Place at the Table II,” exhibiting "A Moment of Rest" and "Inside Looking In V" with 311 Gallery - Raleigh, NC.

  • “No Justice, No Peace: Global Protest, Unrest, and Conflict,” exhibiting "Defiance" with The James Wise Gallery - Norfolk, VA.

  • "Of An Era International Juried Art Exhibition,” exhibiting "Daydreamin' Blues III" with The Art Effect - Poughkeepsie, NY.

  • “Near and Far,” exhibiting "Daydreamin' Blues I and III" with Rhode Island Watercolor Society - Pawtucket, RI.

  • “On A High Note,” exhibiting "There Was A Time" with Flagler County Art League - Palm Coast, FL.

  • “Art In The Time Of Corona: Vol 1,” exhibiting "Inside Looking In VI," and "Non-Essential" with Dab Art Co - H Gallery - Ventura, CA. 

  • “Unprecedented: Art Responds to 2020,” exhibiting "A Moment of Rest," and "Business as Usual," with View Center for Arts & Culture - Old Forge, NY. 

  • “Art & Social Justice,” exhibiting "Power," and "Inside Looking In II" with The Ellington-White Contemporary Gallery - Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

  • “Wreck-oning: An Online Juried Exhibition,”  exhibiting "Social Distanced" with Cade Gallery AACC - Arnold, MD. 

  • "Anxiety in a Time of Pandemic," exhibiting "Non-Essential," with the Indiana University Kokomo Art Gallery - Kokomo, IN. 

  • Winter Festival 2021 Exhibizone," exhibiting "For The Birds," with Biafarin - online gallery. 2021.

  • "Artists Vision 2021," exhibiting "2020" and "Having, Lost," with the Marin Society of Artists - San Rafael, CA. 

  • "Shear Madness - Juried Collage Exhibition," exhibiting "Navigating Land," with the Northville Art House - Northville, MI. 



  • "San Diego Museum of Art Artist's Guild 2020 Online International Winter Exhibition," exhibiting "National Emergency," with the San Diego Museum of Art Artist's Guild - San Diego, CA. 

  • "Your Place at the Table," exhibiting "Inside Looking In II," with 311 Gallery - Raleigh, NC. 

  • “Call and Response," exhibiting "Business As Usual," with Petoskey’s Bonfield Gallery in the Crooked Tree Arts Center - Petoskey, MI. 

  • "Regional Exhibition," exhibiting "Inside Looking In VI," and "All Lives Matter, She Said," with The Studio Door - San Diego, CA. 

  • "The Next Big Thing," exhibiting "Power," with Studio Channel Islands - Camarillo, CA.​ 

  • "15th Annual Juried Exhibition," exhibiting "Social Distanced," with Axis Gallery - Sacramento, CA.​ 

  • "Eccentric: A National Exhibition of Surreal Artworks & Unconventional Materials," exhibiting "It's Only Extreme Weather XIII," with d’Art Center - Norfolk, VA.​ 

  • "The Anniversary Show," exhibiting "It's Only Extreme Weather," series with Fresh Paint Gallery - San Diego, CA. 

  • "Reservoir," exhibiting "Daydreamin' Blues III," with Intersect Arts Center - St Louis, MO. 

  • "The Art Of Hope," exhibiting "Navigating Land," with the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery - Mississippi State, MS. 



  • "2nd Annual All Women Exhibition," exhibiting a series of work with the J Mane Gallery - On-line gallery. 

  • "Loss, Redemption, and Grace," exhibiting "Emily Post's Grief," with EBD4 - Atlanta, GA. 

  • "Odds and Ends," exhibiting "Just Expand" and "There Was A Time," with the Ann Arbor Arts Center - Ann Arbor, MI. 



  • "Papered," exhibiting "Navigating Land," with the Ashton Art Gallery - San Diego, CA. 

  • Monster Mash," exhibiting "Despair," with the ArtVale Gallery - Oakland, CA. 

  • "Connections," exhibiting "For The Birds," with The San Diego Museum of Art Artist's Guild - San Diego, CA. 

  • "The Millenial Show," exhibiting "Time - Less," with The TEJAS Gallery - Dayton, OH. 

  • "Pressure Points," exhibiting "Power," with The Seattle Print Arts - Seattle, WA. 

  • "50 To Watch," exhibiting "Framed," with The Studio Door - San Diego, CA. 

  • "On The Street Where I Live," exhibiting "Inner City," with Webster Arts - St Louis, MO. 

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