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world in series

There are a few themes I am drawn to consistently making art about - that resonate deeply with me and inspire me consistently to make art, However, it has only been the past few years that I've actively experimented with making pieces in series, where each piece is part of a greater whole or a variant on a particular aspect of one of my preferred themes. Going from making a larger work which stands on its own to making smaller works about a central idea has been a massively exciting challenge, I've had to work harder to find variety but also connections between the pieces of a series, enabling each to stand on its own but also connect with the others in its set.

I don't anticipate that I'll only work in series - after working on one for long enough, I begin to miss the time involved and challenges inherent in one major work; but so often there's more I want to say on a topic than will fit in one massive work. In those cases, working in series has been more incredible than I could have anticipated. I' allow myself to experiment more with different techniques, play with new materials, and try different (especially smaller!) sizes that always seemed too intimidating before. Most importantly though I feel I'm able to fully explore a topic until I have nothing further to say on it, rather than looking at a bigger work and wishing I was able to fit in just a couple more ideas.

Each series below is represented by one image which you can click on to access the series in its entirety.

Untitled - Ukraine 3 (edit).jpg
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